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Mittwoch, 18.10.2017


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Tourism in Geseke (Englische Version)

It would surely be presumptuous to describe Geseke as a town of tourism. Nevertheless the former Ackerbuerger- and Hansestadt between Haarstrang and Muensterland is on the historical Hellweg (Bundesstrasse 1). In their district, as well as the attractive scenic surroundings, it offers business rests, culture, tourism, gastronomical delights and free time activities.

The large pedestrian precinct in the town centre invites you to take a stroll and stay a while. The Stiftskirche St. Cyriakus from the Romantic era, the late Romantic Stadt- and Marktkirche St. Petrus, the Thoholte House, the Baroque Franziskaner-Klosterkirche (Convent), the richly equiped Hellweg Museum, the Böddecker court (a very important old building of the town) are preserved completely. The Hellweg shows walkers that it is culturally and historically important, with its half-timbered houses and its embossed road pictures. In the town centre there is an immensly popular pond, especially popular with the children.

Old Hellweg Town Geseke

But also the area is worth a visit because: the Pfarrkirche (Priest’s church) in Störmede, the Dorfkirche (Town church) St. Vitus in Mönninghausen. Also there is a hotel, business conference centre and training centre as well as a school for gifted children and the widely renowned Palace Eringerfeld.

Geseke is filled with sporty inhabitants, and it offers it active inhabitants and visitors many things, cultural and sporty: a modern open-aired swimming pool, smaller teaching pool, gymnastics hall, tennis hall and tennis ground, keep fit and sport centre, as well as concerts and dramatic events, town festivals (Gösselkirmes, Hexenstadtfest) and historical town tour. Comfortable pubs, cafes and restaurants indulge their guests with exquisite food and drink.

Vast bike and hiking ways into and around Geseke, idyllic forests and the nature reserve also attracts tourists.


Do you think a visit could be worthwhile? Now, we are quite certain, and invite you to our lively town to learn about it and get to know it.



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